Comprehensive Planning Methodologies



Planning Methodology for Individuals & Families

We use the Envision® planning process which combines goals-based advice with sophisticated historical and existing market-environment-adjusted modeling. This type of comprehensive planning allows us to help you identify and prioritize important life goals, to help you develop an achievable investment plan, and to help you and your family chart a better course towards achieving your goals - all without unnecessary exposure to risk. Our planning tools allow you to follow your progress in ways that are easy-to-understand while also providing the flexibility needed to adjust priorities whenever necessary.

Many “advisors” are overly focused on selling themselves and their services. We take the opposite approach. We want to know you and your family in order to develop plans and solutions that fit your and your family's needs. Most importantly, our efforts on your behalf will help you and your family achieve your goals, not ours.

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Planning Methodology for Businesses (Teams)

Next Chapter® Planning is a process developed by a member of our team to empower entrepreneurs and family enterprises to be more thoughtful when developing new strategies, reacting to changes in their industry, and to better navigate major transitions of leadership, ownership, or both.  In addition, the Next Chapter® Planning process helps to ensure that teams of all sizes, team members, and leaders are more resilient and adaptive to change.


The Eight Essential Elements that Next Chapter® Planning identifies are:


  • Trust: When high levels of trust exist among team members, it's often amazing what teams can accomplish.
  • Relationships: Maintaining strong relationships includes being deliberate documenting and nurturing pivotal (quantitatively and qualitatively) internal and external relationships.
  • Responsibility (Financial and Social): Balancing financial and social responsibilities becomes more and more critical every day.
  • Time: Respecting deadlines and making the best use of everyone's time are essential to any team's long-term success.


  • Innovation: Competitive and disruptive forces are everywhere today; therefore, teams must continue to re-evaluate and refine unique value propositions and sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Experiences: The experiences of our customers and our team members (both inside and outside of the workplace and in their daily lives) dramatically affect their overall expectations relating to service.
  • Mindfulness: Team members who have developed their ability to "be present" in the moment allows top enterprises to recognize and react thoughtfully to changes in market conditions or customer needs and preferences.
  • Spirit (or Spirituality): Top teams have a unique team spirit, a special glue that binds talented people together and drives them to be the very best they can be.

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