Abby Wolfe

Abby Wolfe –
Senior Client Associate

Abby Wolfe has been in the financial field her entire career. She previously worked with Vaughan Scott and Gloria Bommarrito back in 2001 at UBS, where she started as an intern. Her loyalty to her advisors is rare in this field, given that she’s only worked for two of them—ever. “Many people will start with a new advisor every couple of years,” Abby says.

Her longest tenure was at J.J.B. Hilliard Lyons, where she served as a Client Service Associate for 12 years. In February 2020, when an opportunity arose for her to join Axiom Financial Strategies Group and work with her original team again, she was thrilled to sign on as a Senior Client Associate.

Abby has a unique and winning strategy when it comes to dealing with the firm’s clients. “I listen to what people are saying and try to remember information for future conversations. Then I’ll bring those things up again and follow through. I concentrate a lot on their personal lives to get to know them a little better. It’s not just about their account and what’s on the computer.”

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Full Length professional photo of Abby Wolfe Profile

The Other Side of Abby Wolfe

Word That Describes Your Work Ethic
“Detailed. I don’t like to miss anything.”

Important Career Goal
“I feel like when I moved to Axiom I accomplished a major goal, because it gave me the flexibility to spend more time with my two daughters. I don’t want a job anymore where you feel like you’re punching a time clock. Coming here gave me an opportunity where I can pick up my two daughters from school and still get my work done.”

Valuable Business Advice You’ve Received
“I’ve learned a lot from my personal background. My father was a funeral director, so I’ve always seen his compassion toward people, and that’s made me be more compassionate. I think it’s why I ask clients personal questions, because I like to know that kind of stuff. Observing his interaction with people has had a big influence on me.”

Best Part of Your Job
“My day-to-day is never the same. Every client needs something different. You could say that my work depends on who needs what.”

Most Rewarding Aspect of Work
“I’d say it’s finishing the task. Getting everything completed. I like seeing the process through from beginning to end.”

Fun Fact
“My husband is a professional bowler, but I don’t bowl. Neither do our children. It’s kind of funny.”

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