Leah Driver

Leah Driver – CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Leah Driver joins Axiom Financial Strategies Group as its first Chief Financial Officer. In her role as CFO, Leah oversees accounting, payroll, benefits reporting, budgeting and forecasting—all critical aspects of keeping the firm on track and maintaining a focus on the future.

Leah will be concentrating on implementing best practices in all areas of finance. “My plan is to continue to provide reporting that is accurate, timely and separated between Axiom Financial Strategies Group and Axiom Insurance Solutions. I will also provide budgets and budget metrics, which will be used to plan finances on a monthly basis,” says Leah.

With a master’s degree in accounting, CPA licenses in Indiana and Kentucky, and more than a decade of experience in the financial field, Leah brings a wealth of talent to Axiom. After spending much of that time in public accounting, she transitioned to roles as a CFO for both a nonprofit and a manufacturing firm. This extensive and varied background provides the ideal skill set to help guide the trajectory and growth of Axiom.

Prior to joining the company, Leah had met several members of the Axiom team in a professional capacity. She knew and trusted them and admired their personalized commitment to putting and keeping their clients on a path for financial success. “That expectation is taken very seriously here and constantly communicated to the client,” Leah explains.

Throughout her career, Leah has served on many professional boards, including Women in Commercial Real Estate (WCRE). When she is not working, she loves traveling with her husband and two children. Leah is also an avid reader and particularly enjoys historical fiction.

The Other Side of Leah Driver

What Is a Valuable Skill That You Bring to the Table?
“I consider my role a supporting role, based on what anyone needs. “I think what sets me apart is that I’m a very good communicator and will listen to ideas of other people and then share my thoughts. I can communicate to those who don’t necessarily know about finances at the level I do. This makes the information understandable to a larger audience.”

What Is The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job So Far?
“The most rewarding opportunities I’ve had during my career have been those where I have mentored others. I truly value and appreciate the friendships that have grown through these mentorship roles. In addition to mentoring, I get a self-rewarding feeling when the numbers in my work reconcile; in accounting we are taught that everything should balance. For every debit, there is an equal credit, a ‘balance in the force.’  I think some of that is a personal thing—striving for accuracy is part of my personality. But also from a career perspective, it’s obviously a critically important factor within the accounting and financial field.”

What Has Been Your Most Significant Business Achievement?
“I think one of my most significant achievements has been getting my CPA license. There are several difficult tests and other strict criteria to obtain and maintain the licensure. I also believe the trajectory of my career thus far has been a success. Every past role I’ve had has led me to where I am now.”

What Are 3 Words to Describe You?
“Organized. Optimistic. Accountable.”

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t Doing This?
“I think I was destined to do this.”

What Is Your Idea of Fun?
“My family loves to travel. We make a real effort to visit our country’s National Parks. In fact, we already have plans in the next year to go to at least five of them.”

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