Luke Rother

Luke Rother –
Director, Insurance Specialist

Luke Rother is a passionate insurance specialist with deep experience in holistic planning and advanced case design. This unique background enables him to better evaluate a client’s overall financial picture to create a targeted blueprint for the future. 

Previously, while serving as Vice President of Oakmont Group in College Station, Texas, Luke specialized in estate planning, wealth transfer planning and enterprise security planning. He understands the complex needs of high-net-worth individuals and the importance of having insurance portfolios that are coordinated with the client’s overall estate plans. 

Regarding life insurance, Luke wants to educate people on its many uses, particularly as a means of mitigating risk in one’s personal finances. “I strive to design each individual contract so the premium structure is aligned with the client’s specific needs,” he says. 

Luke is excited to be in on the ground floor as Axiom expands its insurance division to better serve its clients. He is also looking forward to learning from the leadership at the company. “They’re a very entrepreneurial group, and it will be great to learn from the skills they’ve all developed from having long careers and different backgrounds.” 

Luke graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a minor in English. He also has a Master of Science in Leadership and Ethics from John Brown University.

When he’s not working, Luke enjoys backpacking trips in the wilderness of Colorado with Lauralee, his rescue puppy. He also spends as much time as he can with his extended family in Texas, which includes three siblings, and 12 nieces and nephews.

The Other Side of Luke Rother

What Drew You to Working with Axiom?
“I met the team while working on a case at my previous firm and really enjoyed the experience. I was especially impressed with the vision the leadership has for Axiom. They operate with an abundance mindset and want everyone working in their own strengths. I was really drawn to having a team of leaders who are so cognizant of the importance of that.”

What’s Something You’d Like More People to Know About Life Insurance?
“There are a lot of different uses for life insurance. Many people have a pre-conceived notion that its only use is for death benefits. However, there are ways it can be used to enhance retirement income, pass down assets to the next generation or even help pay taxes.” 

What Do You Find Most Rewarding About Your Work?
“I love building relationships, learning about people, asking questions. You see people’s vulnerabilities big time when you’re working with them on their finances. You’re talking about subjects they generally don’t like to talk about—things like money, death. I strive to make clients feel comfortable when discussing these topics.”  

Do You Have Any Future Work Goal?
“I’d like to see Axiom Insurance Solutions grow to become a trusted voice in the community when it comes to life insurance. I look forward to helping attorneys and CPAs in town who have clients with policies they’re not sure what to do with. We want them to come to Axiom and let us help them figure that out.”

What Would You Be Doing If You Weren’t in This Field?
“I studied psychology in college and thought I was going to be a therapist or counselor. I even began working toward my Masters in counseling. Even though I didn’t go in that area, I still find those skills valuable in the work I’m doing now.”

Do You Have Any Favorite Hobbies?
“I love to travel. When I was working with a nonprofit, I got to travel to a lot of remote places like Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Niger and Uganda. We were supporting businesses in developing countries. It was such a unique opportunity—staying in the local villages and meeting the people. Their hospitality was amazing.”

What Are 3 Words to Describe You?
“Adventurous. Inquisitive. Trusting.”

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