Marissa Hall

Professional Bio

Marissa Hall, MBA
Operations & Project Coordinator

Marissa Hall is a natural problem solver who is happiest when she’s bringing new ideas to fruition. She had the good fortune to take a graduate class from Vaughan Scott when she was working on her MBA at the University of Louisville.

Throughout her program, Marissa interned at Humana, where she gained valuable experience in marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) software and channel development.

Marissa has only been with Axiom since February of 2020, but she already believes moving from the corporate world to a smaller business has been a change for the better. “At Axiom you’re very close to all the problems,” she explains. “It’s unlike in a major company where you are never close to the top decision-making.”

In addition to her MBA, Marissa also has a degree in marketing from the University of Louisville and is a former student athlete. She lives in Minneapolis.

The Other Side o Marissa

The Other Side of Marissa Hall

Main Responsibilities
“I consider my role a supporting role, based on what anyone needs. Sometimes that’s administrative work. Other times it’s a computer-based task. I work closely with Vaughan to brainstorm ideas, organize thoughts and bring new concepts to life.”

Most Rewarding Part of Your Job So Far
“I think to gain the intimate knowledge of what it takes to run a small business is so valuable. When I was at a big corporation trying to deal with people in smaller companies, I found there was a giant disconnect, and it was hard to relate. Here when people give financial advice to small businesses, they are coming from a place of knowledge and experience.”

Your Strongest Asset
“My strong suit is organizing thoughts, using strategic thinking to figure out how we can make something work.”

Biggest Work Success So Far
“At Humana, I created a playbook to generate sales leads. As part of that process, I vetted companies, sourced their contacts and figured out how a partnership would be beneficial for both parties.”

Three Words to Describe You
“Type A. Funny. Straight-forward.”

Business Model You Admire
“I like the Disney experience. At most places, it takes several people to get a single answer. I can go to Disney World, and it doesn’t matter if I’m getting a Mickey Waffle or standing in line for a ticket, if I ask an employee a question, they’ll know the answer. Think how inefficient it would be if they had to get on their walkie-talkies to ask someone else or even Google it.”

Fun Fact
“I was on the dance team at the University of Louisville, known as the Ladybirds. We danced at football and men’s and women’s basketball games, as well as competed at NDA Nationals each year.”

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