October 2023 Newsletter


“When I was young, I raised pumpkins at a friend’s farm and sold them in our front yard at Halloween. I never dreamed that someday I would be interviewed on national TV as a professional pumpkin carver!”

David LaRochelle is a former teacher and successful children’s book author. Along the way, he realized he had an amazing aptitute for carving pumpkins. Here are some carving tips from one of the best:

Pick the Right Pumpkin

Give any pumpkin you pick a complete inspection, and check for any soft spots. You don’t want a pumpkin that’s already started to spoil.

Avoid the ridges. Some pumpkins have deep ridges which are fun to look at, but a pain to carve. Go for a pumpkin with a smooth surface instead.

Draw Your Design in Advance and Transfer It

There’s nothing wrong with freehand pumpkin carving. If you’re feeling inspired, have at it!

But if you’re looking for a little more detail, try drawing your design out first on tracing paper. You can then transfer the design using a pin to prick small holes through the paper into the pumpkin, following the lines.

Think Outside the Triangle Face

Don’t be afraid to think creatively. Usually we think of pumpkins as having a face on them, but you can go beyond that. Think of bats, snakes, the moon, stars, or scenes—like a graveyard or a spooky forest. You can go even farther and leave Halloween behind altogether. It could be a rabbit or a puppy.

Be Patient

LaRochelle estimates that his pumpkins take between two and four hours to carve. One elaborate design of a coiled snake took more than eight hours. “I’ll never do that again,” he says.

Above all, don’t worry about being perfect. It’s about the fun!


Upping Our Insurance Game

Luke Rother and Michelle Konkle of Spring Street Solutions attended the 13th annual Lion Street Indaba meeting in Dallas. The event featured 38 Owner-to-Owner presentations, sharing the latest strategies and case studies to implement and grow life insurance and wealth practices. Lion Street was created to give these elite professionals a peer group to exchange ideas and leverage a collective buying power with insurance companies on a national scale. Spring Street Solutions, a sister company with Axiom, is an owner firm of Lion Street Inc.

Local Leader Shares Pearls of Wisdom

Axiom’s Leah Driver and Michelle Konkle attended the September Pearls of Wisdom event, sponsored by One Southern Indiana. The speaker was Lynnie Meyer, Chief Development Officer and VP at Norton Healthcare in Louisville. Meyer shared many great lessons or “pearls” from her life story and career journey. One of the key takeaways was the idea that relationships matter.

Meyer spoke about how connections she made during college and her close relationships with her siblings were all links in the chain that led her to become the person she is today, both personally and professionally. “Pathways are not always clear. Don’t be afraid to take risks,” she told the audience. Meyer also stressed how proud she is of the leadership team at Norton, which continually strives to make a positive impact on the community. “The world is hungry for ethical leadership,” she noted.

529 Savings Plan Reminders

We have some important reminders if you participate in a CollegeChoice529 Plan. As always, Indiana residents may be eligible for a 20% credit. But for 2023, the credit maximum has increased by $500. That means the maximum credit is now $1500. Another thing to remember is that in order to take advantage of this year’s Indiana state income tax credit, your contribution or deposit must be received by December 31. Please note there are other limitations to the credit based on your personal tax situation. For more details, you can go here.

Legal Docs When Your Child Turns 18

Once your child turns 18, they become an adult in the eyes of the law. For example, they can now legally rent an apartment, take charge of their finances and buy a car—all without a parent’s consent or assistance. There are also very important documents a child must sign that give parents the legal right to make a decision should that child need help. These could involve information about their health, education and financial records. Click here to learn more about five key documents you need when your child is 18.

Advice from the Oldest Practicing Doctor

Most of us dream of living a long, healthy life. While there are no secrets to sucess when it comes to staying productive and in good health during old age, there is a lot of advice out there. Dr. Howard Tucker, who claims to be the “world’s oldest practicing doctor” shares the five things he NEVER does—as part of his keys to success. Find out more by clickling here.

Brunch Walk

Sip, taste and explore downtown Louisville at the Downtown Brunch Walk. Enjoy live music, brunch cocktails and small plates at each of the participating venues. Must be 21 years of age or older to participate. Sunday, September 10 from 12 -3 p.m. TIckets can be found at this site.


Harvest Homecoming

Get ready for the 2023 Harvest Homecoming Festival. The event draws hundreds of thousands of visitors to New Albany and has been growing and thriving for 55 years. Chaired again this year by Axiom friend, Kenneth Eichenberger, the festival is a family favorite with something for everyone. From a kid’s dog show to senior bingo to festival rides, the fun is nonstop. Opening ceremonies and the parade take place October 7. For a calendar of events, click here.

Jack O’Lantern Fest

Jack O’Lantern Spectacular has become a yearly tradition for families. Walk along a path through beautiful Iroquois Park to see some 5,000 artistically carved pumpkins in themed settings. Your ticket directly supports the nonprofit, Parks Alliance of Louisville and their community-driven projects. Oct 3-31. Trail opens at dusk. For tickets and more information go here.

St. James Art Show

The St. James Court Art Show® is a juried fine arts and contemporary crafts show featuring over 700 artists from around the U.S. The free fair is held among the country’s largest collection of Victorian homes, in the heart of historic Old Louisville. This 4-square block, outdoor art show takes place annually on the first weekend of October, Oct. 6-8. For times and more info, click here.

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