August 2022 Newsletter

Wrapping Up Summer Safely

Summer is flying by. We hope you and your family have been enjoying a nice break from school and work. Whether you’ve been on a staycation or still have travel plans in the works, please remember to keep up-to-date on COVID recommendations wherever you are.

Traveling by air has been particularly challenging this year. Many airlines are cancelling flights due to staff shortages.

For example, if you’re Europe bound, you should know London’s Heathrow Airport is asking airlines to stop selling any more tickets for travel this summer, announcing a cap on passengers allowed to fly from the airport. Travelers will be limited to 100,000 a day until September 11, due to high demand and a lack of resources. Another example—Air Canada is not accepting new bookings for animals flying in the plane’s cargo holds until mid-September.

Be sure to stay informed on how your plans could be affected. Wherever you may be heading, it’s a good idea to pack your masks and your patience!


How We Can Help in a Bear Market

Here at Axiom, we understand it’s a challenging time for investors. That’s why it’s important you’re aware of these ways we can help you navigate the uncertainty of a bear market:

We Do Annual Reviews.
During our yearly meeting with you, we review your investments and make sure your financial plan is on track and in sync with your goals.

We use state-of-the-art tools to analyze data.
Our advanced technology allows us to identify situations that require immediate attention as changes in the market are occurring. This helps us proactively make any significant adjustments that are needed.

We build risk into your plan.
Because our high-tech tools anticipate a significant amount of risk, market events like these that have been unfolding—or even possibly worse scenarios—have already been built into your plan.

Building and Preserving Family Wealth

CEO Vaughan Scott teamed up with James E. Hughes, one of the country’s leading experts on family governance and wealth preservation, to write an article titled “Trustee Versus trustee—A Critical Distinction in Supporting Good Joint Decision-Making. This material will be used in a course Vaughan recently developed for the University of Louisville MBA program. The work was also published by the London-based Globe Law and Business in its International Family Offices JournalClick here to read the article. 


Your Shifting Risk Tolerance

When you created your investment strategy, your asset allocation should have reflected your goals, time horizon and tolerance for risk.

But over time, any of those factors might have changed, and your portfolio may now need adjustments to reflect your new investing priorities. It’s important to remember that asset allocation is an approach to help manage investment risk and does not guarantee against investment loss.

The most appropriate asset allocation will depend on an individual’s situation. Here are some factors to consider:

– Time –

Investors with longer time frames may be comfortable with investments that offer higher potential returns but also carry a higher risk. A longer time frame may allow individuals to ride out the market’s ups and downs. An investor with a shorter time frame may need to consider market volatility when evaluating various investment choices.

– Goals –

They come in all shapes and sizes, and some are long-term while others have a shorter time horizon. Knowing your investing goals can help you keep on target.

– Risk tolerance –

An investor with higher risk tolerance may be more willing to accept greater market volatility in the pursuit of potential returns. An investor with a lower risk tolerance may be willing to forgo some potential return in favor of investments that attempt to limit price swings.

– Have your investing priorities changed? –

If so, this is all the more reason to review and possibly adjust the investment mix in your portfolio. Asset allocation is a critical building block of investment portfolio creation. Having a strong knowledge of the concept may help you when considering which investments are appropriate for your long-term strategy.

Keeping Your Identity Safe

With nearly 4 billion people on social media worldwide, plus the risks of using online brokerage and bank accounts, the need for digital security has never been higher. While tech is becoming more secure in response to threats, there are some habits you can adopt to safeguard your digital life.

  • Stop – First, take a moment to evaluate your current security measures. Do you use two-factor authorization (2FA) whenever possible? What about a password manager? Do your research to see if it would help to put these measures in place.
  • Think – Before clicking a link or posting on social media, consider the information you may be accessing or sharing. A hacker can use minor details to target you or your loved ones.
  • Be Proactive – Don’t go on auto-pilot: monitor your online accounts and devices. Make sure to change your passwords periodically, especially if you get an alert about unusual account activity.


Ky State Fair

The Fair is a yearly family favorite. This unique, 11-day festival celebrates local and statewide heritage through blue ribbon competition, concerts, special exhibits and carnival rides. Runs August 18-28. Click here for more info.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Masterpieces, now freed from frames, come alive, appear and disappear, flowing across multiple surfaces. The show is projected all around you, making you feel as though you’ve stepped directly into a Van Gogh painting. Runs through Sept. 3 at the KY International Convention Center. Go here for info.

Bourbon Bash

The 9th Annual Bourbon Mixer will take place on Saturday, Aug. 20 at The Henry Clay, a historic landmark in downtown Louisville. The proprerty has a 1920’s style ballroom and an elegant event space. Guests will get in the swing with live music, dancing, hearty food, and bourbon tastings from 20+ craft and global distillery brands. Click here for more details. 

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