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June Newsletter

Axiom News
The business of advice has changed. Clients are concerned about more than just their money.

Chief Client Growth Officer for First Clearing, Bill Coppel, hosts the informative podcast The Next Frontier Digest, where he interviews thought leaders in the industry. He recently featured Axiom CEO Vaughan Scott on the program, to discuss how financial advisors can use empathy and emotional intelligence to effectively counsel their clients. Listen to the Podcast.

Retiree Tips
COVID-19 is driving American workers into early retirement.

The pandemic has upended many people’s plans for retirement. While a large number of older workers lost their jobs this past year, others quit working due to health concerns or personal reasons. Now, rather than look for work in their 50s, 60s or beyond, people are rethinking their plans and retiring early. Before making a decision, it’s important to understand how early retirement can affect things like Social Security benefits, a 401(k) and your long-term financial security in general. For more information, click here.

The LUME Indianapolis
Experience the art of Vincent van Gogh in 3-D

Now that we’re getting out more, consider a trip to Indianapolis to see a totally unique art exhibit at the Newfields Museum. THE LUME Indianapolis is a multisensory experience that combines art masterpieces with cutting-edge technology. It features 150 state-of-the-art digital projectors that transform Van Gogh’s two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional wonders. You can take your time strolling through 30,000 square feet of immersive galleries.

For a preview of this amazing exhibit, go to https://discovernewfields.org/lume

Cool Content
Here’s an app that could transform the way you read.

We’re looking to share with you recommendations from clients about what they’re reading, watching, listening to, or in this case, technology they’re enjoying. One client is recommending the Blinkist app, which gives you a new, fast way to learn and a handy research tool. Blinkist basically summarizes nonfiction works, so you can listen to or read the key ideas of a bestselling book in 15 minutes. Similarly, you can quickly get the main takeaways from a podcast by using what the app calls its “shortcasts.”

If you have a book, TV show, film, podcast or app to share, just click here to tell us about it. Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous. We don’t need your name, just your recommendation for Cool Content!

Black Diamond
Axiom’s new client portal

We want to take this opportunity to remind you about our exciting new client portal, powered by Black Diamond. With this streamlined platform, you’ll be able to see how all your accounts are performing with one simple click. Some of the main benefits are:

  • A dashboard snapshot of your net worth, including a breakout of your asset and liability accounts
  • Syncing of all of your accounts with one single login, even if they aren’t currently held at Axiom
  • Virtual, secure vault location for sharing legal and financial documents
  • Ability to access your accounts from any device

You’ll be able to download the new portal on all your mobile devices through the Google or Apple store, starting June 15. Of course, you’ll also be able to navigate to the portal via the Axiom website. Be on the lookout shortly for an email giving you details on how to set up your account.

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