May 2021 Newsletter

Axiom News
We’re excited to announce that Axiom will soon introduce a new client portal, powered by Black Diamond.

This platform will allow you to easily view a snapshot of all your accounts, even linking ones not held at Axiom. It also offers many extra features like a document vault to securely store and share sensitive financial and legal documents, and a balance sheet page with a breakdown of your net worth by assets and liabilities. An additional convenience is that you’ll be able to access your information from any device, including a mobile app. We’ll be contacting you shortly via email to share further details about this new way to track all your finances.

Retiree Tips
Required minimum distributions on retirement plans are back.

Investors over the age of 72 were given a one-year reprieve when the CARES Act suspended required minimum distributions from certain retirement plans. Now RMDs are back in effect, but there have been some rule changes. To find out the latest information, click here.

Speed Art Museum
A local exhibit brings praise from around the world.

The current exhibition “Promise, Witness, Remembrance” at the Speed Art Museum reflects on the life of Breonna Taylor, her killing in 2020 and the year of protests that followed. Artists from Louisville and across the United States are represented at the exhibit, which runs through June 6. It is free and open to the public.
You can read more about this remarkable cultural event on the museum’s website, There are also many interesting and informative articles about the exhibit online from national and international publications.

Book Nook
What’s on your shelf?

We know our clients are well informed. What we’d like to know is, “How are you spending your free time these days? What are you reading, watching and listening to? Let’s make this a shared space where you can contribute your recommendations. Click here and tell us what books, shows and podcasts you’re enjoying. We’ll publish your suggestions here in our Newsletter.

To start, we’ve noticed that a few people around the office are reading Traction: Get A Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman. Traction is a blueprint for first-time entrepreneurs who have hit a ceiling in their business. Wickman explains how to structure your company using his Entrepreneurial Operating System to remove common frustrations, so it runs seamlessly and grows at a faster rate.

The “Other Side” of Our Team
This month our employee spotlight is on Marissa Hall, Operations and Project Coordinator to Vaughan Scott. Marissa relishes her role where she has the freedom to conceptualize new ideas and put them in to practice in order to better serve our clients.

Your Strongest Asset
“My strong suit is organizing thoughts, using strategic thinking to figure out how we can make something work.”

Biggest Work Success So Far
“At Humana, I created a playbook to generate sales leads. As part of that process, I vetted companies, sourced their contacts and figured out how a partnership would be beneficial for both parties.”

Three Words to Describe You
“Type A. Funny. Straight-forward.”

To read more on The Other Side of Marissa Hallclick here.

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