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April Newsletter


It’s known as the greatest two minutes in sports, and this year, the Kentucky Derby will once again be held on the first Saturday in May. The event will mark the 147th “Run for the Roses” and comes at a time when racing fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the chance to celebrate, after last year’s delay due to the pandemic. Derby officials are making it clear they’re putting the well-being of the community first, and will strictly adhere to the recommended health and safety protocols. We’re all hoping for a lucky day—filled with sunshine, colorful hats and a thrilling race.


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Axiom’s exciting growth initiatives were recently given a boost by the announcement of Merchant Investment Management, a New York-based private equity firm becoming aminority partner in our firm. CEO Vaughan Scott was featured in a Louisville Business First article, explaining the great benefits of this new partnership.

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Be sure you’re aware of the latest, updated information regarding your income taxes this year. The deadline to file your taxes has been extended to May 17th, but it’s important to note that this only applies to federal income tax returns. State filing and payment deadlines will vary. Another critical point: This relief does not apply to estimated tax payments that are due on April 15, 2021. These payments are still due on April 15.

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What will your retirement look like?

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You could think about retirement like we think about snowflakes. No two are alike. Not only that, but the retirement you thought you were looking at may not be what you’re now about to experience. Once you have more free time, you can reevaluate your goals, desires and priorities. Often people start thinking more out of the box and discover new ideas about working, traveling or volunteering. If you carefully plan financially, you will of course be in a better position to realize your dreams. Here are some more ideas to get you thinking.


We have amazing people working at Axiom, and we’re all focused on the same goal—to ensure our clients are happy. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable calling or coming in to our office anytime you need advice or help. That means getting to know us better. We’re adding a new feature to our monthly Newsletter to introduce you to the more personal side of our team members. This week we begin with Abby Wolfe, Senior Client Associate.

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The Other Side of Abby Wolfe

Word That Describes Your Work Ethic
“Detailed. I don’t like to miss anything.”

Important Career Goal
“I feel like when I moved to Axiom I accomplished a major goal, because it gave me the flexibility to spend more time with my two daughters. I don’t want a job anymore where you feel like you’re punching a time clock. Coming here gave me an opportunity where I can pick up my two daughters from school and still get my work done.”

Valuable Business Advice You’ve Received
“I’ve learned a lot from my personal background. My father was a funeral director, so I’ve always seen his compassion toward people, and that’s made me be more compassionate. I think it’s why I ask clients personal questions, because I like to know that kind of stuff. Observing his interaction with people has had a big influence on me.”

For more on the Personal Side of Abby Wolfe, including a fun fact, click here.

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