Family & Business Advisory Services – v1

We are pleased to offer a full range of advisory services designed to improve the lives of our client families. We work closely with the individual family members to formulate strategies, uncover each person’s needs and goals, and to then develop a high-level plan of action. While every family is unique, we find many families actually share common challenges and issues. We use this knowledge to provide an opportunity for families to learn from each other and to share best practices.

“Our engagements provide a long-term view and ongoing support, when guiding our client families. Like many things in life, it’s important to have a process that is purposeful.” -Tim Volk

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Before we begin engaging with families, we first make a promise similar to those who take the Hippocratic oath, “We seek to do no harm.”

We promise to:

  • Be objective
  • Provide thoughtful guidance
  • Encourage growth and development
  • Build lasting structures with meaningful governance
  • Help everyone to define and find their path to success

Why do some families fail? Why are we motivated to help? The answer lies in an old proverb quoted by James E. Hughes, Jr. in his book Family Wealth, published by Bloomberg in 2004:

“Shirt sleeve to shirt sleeve in three generations.” -James E. Hughes, Jr.

This may sound like a  pessimistic outlook, but according to Hughes, the reality is that 90% of families lose their wealth in most, if not all forms, by the end of the third generation. This not only represents a huge financial loss but also has a devastating impact on the lives of family members and those around them.

We understand no one ever intends for this to happen. However we have witnessed over long periods of time that with increasing success and the trappings of wealth, it becomes more challenging to foster an environment where all members of the family can flourish.

By flourish, we mean the ability for a family to look back and appreciate their accomplishments, while simultaneously looking forward and creating an environment in which they can find a purpose.

Many families we serve have family enterprises. Whether it is a legacy business or a subsequent business venture, the family is the common element. We focus on these themes to serve families and their enterprises:

Trust • Responsibility • Relationships • Time

By doing so, we help the family grow and develop the five forms of their capital:

Human • Intellectual • Social • Spiritual • Financial

We invite you to learn more about how we may be of service to you and your family.

Family Enterprises

  • Provide Comprehensive Assessment Tools
  • Offer Business Consultations
  • Develop Strategic Planning and Modeling
  • Initiate a Succession Plan and Implementation
  • Offer Governance, Board Development and Coaching
  • Do Income Modeling and Estate Plan Reviews
  • Coordinate Other Professional Advisors (CPAs, Attorneys, etc.)

Family Governance & Education

  • Supply Comprehensive Assessment Tools
  • Stress Values, Vision and Purpose Development
  • Improve and Develop Effective Communication
  • Strategize about Money and Relationships
  • Organize and Facilitate Family Meetings
  • Deliver Guidance During Major Transitions
  • Advise on Financial Literacy Skills
  • Teach Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Offer Peer-to-Peer Community Knowledge

Wealth Strategy & Advisory

  • Implement Financial Planning
  • Develop Estate Plans
  • Strategize Business Succession
  • Create Asset Protection
  • Offer Life Insurance Review and Planning
  • Guide Charitable Giving
  • Educate on Deferred Compensation


  • Advise on All Investments
  • Supply Investment Portfolio Management
  • Offer Portfolio Consulting
  • Instruct on Non-Core Business Ownership
  • Develop Direct Private Equity and Real Estate Plans
  • Prepare Diversification Analysis and Performance Reporting

Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Connect Personal Values and Causes
  • Define Methodology and Measuring Impact
  • Develop Strategy and Optimal Structure
  • Give Guidance on ESG and Impact Investing
  • Instruct on Foundation Management and Donor Advised Funds

Banking & Credit Consulting

  • Collaborate with Key Banking Relationships
  • Advise on Credit Coordination and Negotiation
  • Supply Strategic and Tactical Advice

We approach our advisory services with a servant leadership mindset. This means our goal is to bring out the best in others and help them work at a higher level. In order to empower families, we provide them with the tools to achieve success as well as the knowledge of how to use those tools.

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